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1 - Post job adverts

Post your job adverts on WhatJobs and define your preferred cost per click.

Your ranking is based upon the assigned CPC per job advert. This allows the job advert to perform against other adverts in a bidding ladder, with priority given to the jobs with the highest bids or relevancy.

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2 - Account management and strategy

Work with your account manager to create your monthly budget and agreed goals.

Your dedicated account manager will be able to work with you on everyday account events, assisting with strategic advice and insights to improve overall performance. Aside from our account management, you can work with us to build a strategy to grow together in the future. We supply access to a dashboard with budget management and click activity.

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3 - Receive quality candidates

WhatJobs will drive quality candidates to your job ads and help your clients hire faster

WhatJobs will drive quality talent to your job listings. With no niche specialization, all industries and job types are welcomed within the WhatJobs advertising ecosystem.

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How we do this

More than 1,000 publishers

Our partner network of more than 1,000 publishers will receive your content.

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Partner networks are made up of relevant websites that will provide human traffic to the job adverts displayed on their sites. Networks update the user's activity regularly, allowing performance updates and restrictions to be applied to adverts that have hit thresholds, be it spend, age of advert, application rate limit, or other variables.

Google, Bing and Social Media

We utilize Google, Bing, and Social Media to find the best candidates.

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Gaining maximum exposure across the internet is imperative to give job seekers the best chance to find their new role. We work with social sites and a broad range of social marketing tools to provide this for our clients.

One million plus emails

We send more than a million daily emails to our registered job seeker database.

Job Seeker

Accessing talent that is actively looking for a new role can be difficult. By emailing our active candidates, we reduce their time spent looking for jobs.